COVID-19 UPDATE Facts & Figures - 02/09/2021

In Short

A research published in The Lancet found that the Delta variant doubles the risk of hospitalisation com-pared to the Alpha variant. A large-scale study by researchers from the University of Oxford has found that the risk of rare blood clotting after receiving first doses of AstraZeneca or Pfizer vaccines is far lower that from the virus.


  • September 01: 647,105 7-day average new cases, compared to 659,516 a week ago and 599,815 a month ago.
    Now confirmed 218,297,310 cases worldwide vs 213,767,576 cases last week.
  • 4,525,907 people have died (2.1% of confirmed cases) and 194,287,167 have recovered (89%).
  • Europe: 57,368,305 cases; 7-day avg growth of 142,942 vs 145,105 a week ago and 125,321 a month ago.
  • USA: 39,396,156 cases; 7-day avg growth of 167,583 vs 155,753 a week ago and 85,459 a month ago.
  • Vaccines: around 5.38 billion doses have been administered globally, of which 371 million in the USA and 533 million
    in the EU. 113 vaccines are in clinical evaluation and 184 vaccines are in preclinical evaluation.
COVID-19 UPDATE Facts & Figures 02/09/2021

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