Generali Investments SICAV (GIS)
SRI Ageing Population

awarded with the Belgium “Towards Sustainability” Label*


We are pleased to inform you that Generali Investments SICAV (GIS) SRI Ageing Population has been awarded with the Belgium “Towards Sustainability” Label*. The Towards Sustainability label was created by Febelfin, a Belgian independent agency that applies a very strict analysis and in particular in terms of social criteria.

This SRI label is thus awarding our SRI Approach and Thematic equity strategy (longevity trend).

It also confirms the quality and expertise of the Fund management team (Olivier Cassé, CFA, Giulia Culot, CIIA) as GIS SRI Ageing Population was previously awarded by AFNOR in France with their SRI Label and by Novethic in Germany with the FNG label.

This new award marks and reinforces the recognition of Generali Investments in the Belgian market.


The latest data on GIS SRI Ageing Population

management team

GIS SRI Ageing Population - awarded with the Belgium “Towards Sustainability” Label

Olivier Cassé

Senior Fund Manager, GIS SRI Ageing Population

18 years of  industry experience

GIS SRI Ageing Population - awarded with the Belgium “Towards Sustainability” Label

Giulia Culot

Co-Fund Manager, GIS SRI Ageing Population

9 years of  industry experience


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*The Towards Sustainability Label:  the Belgian quality standard aims to increase the level of socially responsible and sustainable financial products, and to mainstream its principles towards traditional financial products. The label aims to instill trust and reassure potential investors that the financial product is managed with sustainability in mind and is not exposed to very unsustainable practices. The list of funds that comply with the quality standard can be found via the following link: