Our Capabilities

Our multi-boutique platform provides a wealth of diversity within our investment offering, ranging from equity and fixed income to liquid alternative and private assets.

At Generali Investments we have consolidated diverse and specialized capabilities that we implement to manage, combine and tailor a range of investment strategies to suit every investor need.

In our multi-boutique platform, each boutique is a recognized expert in its focus area, operating within clearly defined spaces.

The careful, focused selection of experts within each boutique offers a range of skills, enabling us to craft the best investment solutions and target attractive investment opportunities based on a given market situation and each investor’s investment purpose.

"Through our multi-boutique platform, we leverage specialized skillsets to create and share enduring value with our clients."

With an established international presence, far-reaching expertise and extensive capabilities across major asset classes, our work is inspired by a commitment to generating sustainable returns and having a positive impact on society wherever we operate.The Generali Group commitment to Responsible and Sustainable Investments is reflected in a number of strategies offered by our boutiques that apply an integrated environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) approach without sacrificing profitability.

Our skills are at every investor’s disposal in the form of funds, mandates and bespoke solutions.




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The companies and boutiques’ full legal names are:

Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Generali Insurance Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Generali Real Estate S.p.A., Generali Global Infrastructure, Sycomore Asset Management SA, Aperture Investors LLC, Lumyna Investments Limited.

Important notice: Some funds and/or share classes of funds here listed might only be registered for sale in certain countries and/or are only visible for certain investor profiles (institutional, professional, retail etc.). In those cases, detailed information on the funds or share classes will only visible to those investors who have selected the respective investor profile. Please be prepared to identify yourself either on www.generali-investments.com and/or on the dedicated boutiques’ websites. 

Hence, for the country identification “GLOBAL“, no details on any fund and /or share class will be shown.