Sycomore Sustainable Tech​

Technological innovation is a long term trend, with strong growth perspectives that add value to the everyday life. Investing in Responsible Tech is an unexplored territory, a need for investors to give purpose to their investments by selecting companies that will positively impact their daily life.

  • Key features
  • Sustainable approach to technology
  • Corporate responsibility as a means of promoting financial sustainability
  • Global-fully invested approach with about 40-60 stocks*
  • The sub-fund is subject to a rigorous ESG process, which excludes about 20% of the initial investment universe, thanks to SPICE, the proprietary methodology of Sycomore AM
  • To help make the best investment decisions, Sycomore AM, in partnership with Gaia Capital Partners, devised a Responsible Tech Framework to identify tech companies with a positive environmental and societal contribution
  • The sub-fund is managed by an experienced investment team** with a strong track record

*Portfolio at end August 2020. The fund tends to evolve in a range of 40 to 60 stocks, this not being a formal constraint within the prospectus. The minimum exposure is 70%.

**The investment team is subject to change at any time.

  • Performance of the sub-fund

The sub-fund was launched in 2020 and, according to the applicable regulatory framework, performance data with less than one year track record are not shown.

Fund Facts
Management Company
Sycomore Asset Management
Investment team*
Johan Söderström, Gilles Sitbon, Sabrina Ritossa Fernandez
Luxembourg – a sub fund of Sycomore Fund Sicav
Inception Date
June 30th, 2020
MSCI AC World Information Technology Net Return with
ISIN (RC Share)
ISIN (RD Share)
ISIN (CS Share)
Managemente fees
RC share: 2% | RD Share: 2% | CS Share: 1%
Performance fees
15% over MSCI AC World Information Technology Net Return with positive performance condition
  • Documentation

Monthly Factsheet

end of October 2020

Fund Presentation

end of October 2020
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Part of the Generali Investments Multi-Boutique platform

Founded in 2001, Sycomore Asset Management is an investment company driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Sycomore is committed to providing long-term returns by identifying the levers that enable a company to generate sustainable value. The company’s experience is based on a field work approach and a proprietary fundamental business analysis model that includes financial and non-financial criteria. Its team of 21 analysts and fund managers, including 7 ESG specialists, focuses on assessing a company’s overall performance against its stakeholders: shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers, civil society and the environment. Since 2015, Sycomore AM has expanded its range of social, social and environmental impact funds: Sycomore [email protected], dedicated to human capital; Sycomore Eco Solutions, focused on natural capital; Sycomore Shared Growth, specialized in social capital. Recently, the company launched Sycomore Next Generation, a fund committed to providing a better future for future generations. Sycomore AM is, among others, a member of the French and Italian FIS, the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) and the IIGCC (Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change). The investment company continues its work of quantification of environmental and social impacts.