Fixed Income

Our extensive fixed income capabilities cover the full risk spectrum. We offer core, conservative, ‘all-weather’ bond exposure to innovative, higher yielding opportunities and sustainable investing.

As the investment arm of a global insurance group, fixed income is at the heart of our offering. We draw on the deep experience and diverse expertise of the bond managers across our ecosystem to deliver a distinctive array of fixed income solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Uniting all of our fixed income managers is a responsible, active approach to managing downside risk and strong macro expertise combined with rigorous fundamental research. All in service to one goal: to deliver capital preservation with risk-adjusted returns for our clients over time.


The Strategies

  • Government bonds

  • Corporate bonds

  • High yield

  • European fixed income

  • Global fixed income

  • Active quant

  • Convertible bonds

  • ESG/SRI credit

  • Green bonds

  • Long/short credit

  • Emerging market debt

  • Liquid alternatives UCITS

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