The Spotlight ǀ Generali Investments Podcast: Eyes on Omicron and the hawks

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Our December Podcast-Interview with Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research at Generali Investments

Investors face two key headwinds, Omicron and more hawkish central banks. Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research at Generali Investments, explains why he is losing more sleep on the latter than the former. He recommends to run nimble positions for now, with a focus on hedges and barbelling Value with defensive stocks.

Chapters details:

  • 00:20 Vincent, risk assets corrected lower in late November. Are you turning full defensive?
  • 01:19 Do you see Omicron as a game changer for investors?
  • 03:06 What about central banks then? Fed’s Powell has just warned about a potential acceleration of the tapering, and this too has caused stress among risk assets. Shall we prepare for a continuation of the hawkish turn?
  • 05:04 To conclude, how to adjust portfolios and investment strategies in this more challenging environment?

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Vincent Chaigneau
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