The Spotlight ǀ Generali Investments Podcast: Markets are volatile but resilient

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Our February Podcast-Interview with Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research at Generali Insurance Asset Management

A “nimble” Fed will focus on taming inflation without destroying the recovery, explains Vincent Chaigneau, Head of Research at Generali Insurance Asset Management. In this podcast, Vincent discusses why comparisons to 2018 are overblown. 2022 will be a volatile year, but inflation-proofed assets, including selected equity markets, will show resilience.

Chapters details:

  • 00:21 The start of the year has been wild. Can you pls try and separate the wheat from the chaff?
  • 01:43 Some compare 2022 to 2018, a year of Fed hike and quantitative tightening. Should we worry?
  • 03:05 What about the ECB?
  • 03:58 Do you think the January clean-up and rotation are now well advanced?
  • 05:02 To conclude, how to adjust portfolios and investment strategies in this more challenging environment?
Vincent Chaigneau

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