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At Generali Investments* we gather the Generali Group’s primary investment companies through a multi-boutique platform, leveraging focused skillsets to create and share enduring value with our clients both inside and outside the Group.


Our goal is to further improve our ability to satisfy investors’ needs amid continuous market evolution and shifting regulatory frameworks, where specialization, efficiency and innovation are key to achieving objectives and adding value over time.

Our model is based on specialization. Each of our companies and boutiques operates in clearly defined spaces, allowing us to respond to different needs by putting dedicated skills, professionals and advanced technological tools into play.


We respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow through our distinctive multi-boutique approach. We combine the experience and solidity we have matured over time in Liability-Driven Investment solutions with new, highly-focused skillsets introduced through our boutiques. The result is a powerful investment engine in service of our clients.

Through a search for new talents and expertise, the enhancement of our internal skillset, the strength inherent in managing 450 billion euros in assets**, and nearly two centuries of activity matured by the Generali Group, we will continue to pursue our objective of creating value over time.


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Market Compass July 2019


Edited by the Macro & Market Research Team. The team of 13 analysts based in Paris, Cologne, Trieste, Milan and Prague runs qualitative and quantitative analysis on macroeconomic and financial issues.
The team translates macro and quant views into investment ideas that feed into the investment process.

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Generali Insurance Asset Management appoints Antonio Pilato as the new Head of Investments


Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio (GIP) has strengthened its team with two appointments that enrich the company’s expertise, to better respond to market requirements and ensure its offering and structure are more and more customer-centric.

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Market view video: WET BLANKETS


Watch this video and discover our experts view on financial markets.

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28 2017


Come and meet us: Lyon, France


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China’s GDP growth receded to 6.2% yoy in Q2


As widely expected, China’s Q2 GDP slowed to 6.2% yoy, after 6.4% yoy in Q1. This marked the weakest level in 27 years. By contrast, monthly real activity data like industrial production (IP), urban investments and retail sales surprised on the upside.

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US core CPI inflation up to 2.1% in June. Powell’s Congress hearing points to a 25 bps cut.


A higher than expected increase in the shelter and medical services components component lifted core CPI inflation to 2.1% yoy. The collapse in the energy component compressed the headline rate to 1.6%.

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The law of diminishing returns


Central banks are about to press the ‘easing’ button again. But the likes of the ECB and BoJ are facing the law of di-minishing return, i.e. it is not clear that their actions will effectively re-anchor inflation expectations at higher levels. If, by cutting rates to negative and buying loads of assets they have not succeeded, why would they now?

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*This website is provided by Generali Investments and is considered as a marketing communication and financial promotion related to the products and services of the following companies belonging to the Generali group: Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Generali Insurance Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A. and Generali Investments Holding S.p.A. (hereinafter jointly, Generali Investments).

**Source: Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, data as at 31 December 2018. Data include Generali Insurance Asset Management S.p.A. Società di gestione del  risparmio, Generali Investments Partners S.p.A. Società di gestione del risparmio, Generali Investments Luxembourg S.A..