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The FDA has given full safety approval to Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID-19 vaccine in a landmark deci-sion that will allow leading US employers and universities to mandate jabs. The US has extended a one-month ban on non-essential travel along the borders with Canada and Mexico to slow the rising spread of COVID-19 despite increasing political pressure to lift the restriction.
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  • August 25: 659,509 7-day average new cases, compared to 650,547 a week ago and 541,636 a month ago. Now
    confirmed 213,767,530 cases worldwide vs 209,150,964 cases last week.
  •  4,458,141 people have died (2.1% of confirmed cases) and 190,306,848 have recovered (89.0%).
  • Europe: 56,367,711 cases; 7-day avg growth of 144,354 vs 139,784 a week ago and 123,379 a month ago.
  • USA: 38,223,029 cases; 7-day avg growth of 152,480 vs 137,927 a week ago and 61,306 a month ago.
  • Vaccines: around 5.08 billion doses have been administered globally, of which 365 million in the USA and 521 million
    in the EU. 113 vaccines are in clinical evaluation and 184 vaccines are in preclinical evaluation.

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COVID-19 UPDATE: Facts & Figures 26/08/2021

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