Our Investment Expertise

Our multi-boutique platform provides a wealth of diversity within our investment offering, ranging from equity and fixed income to liquid alternative and private assets.

Our Capabilities

At Generali Investments we have consolidated diverse and specialized capabilities that we implement to manage, combine and tailor a range of investment strategies to suit every investor need. Our skills are at every investor’s disposal in the form of funds, mandates and bespoke solutions.

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Commitment to Sustainable Investments

With an established international presence, far-reaching expertise and extensive capabilities across major asset classes, our work is inspired by a commitment to generating sustainable returns and having a positive impact on society wherever we operate. The Generali Group commitment to Responsible and Sustainable Investments is reflected in a number of strategies offered by our boutiques that apply an integrated environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) approach without sacrificing profitability.

Crafting the Best Investment Solutions

In our multi-boutique platform, each boutique is a recognized expert in its focus area, operating within clearly defined spaces.

The careful, focused selection of experts within each boutique offers a range of skills, enabling us to craft the best investment solutions and target attractive investment opportunities based on a given market situation and each investor’s investment purpose.

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Through our multi-boutique platform, we leverage specialized skillsets to create and share enduring value with our clients.

We offer a wide range of active and high-conviction-based equity strategies, providing ways to capture value from companies and sectors experiencing positive sales and earnings dynamics.

As part of a global insurance group, fixed-income investing is our DNA (+405bn in AuM*). We are adept at managing downside risk, combining active management and strong conviction with a risk-controlled approach tailored directly to investor goals.

Even in today’s challenging environment, where roughly a quarter of debt securities worldwide are experiencing negative yields, our boutiques offer distinctive, highly specialized strategies geared to providing investors with sustainable returns over time while significantly reducing risk exposure. Our extensive reach and local expertise, augmented by our multi-boutique approach, furnish a broad investment landscape and allow us to identify the best solution for fixed-income investment needs.

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The Strategies We Offer

  • All Maturities government bonds

  • Corporate short term / blend

  • High yield

  • Convertibles

  • SRI credit

  • Green bonds

  • Long/short credit

  • Emerging market debt

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The equity strategies we offer through our multi-boutique platform allow investors to try and take full advantage of secure pockets of growth and emerging megatrends from a variety of geographies and sectors.

Each boutique has its own disciplined investment process that provides a reliable framework within which our portfolio managers select and focus on the best stock opportunities. Our fund managers actively engage with companies, promoting positive change and monitoring long-term investment value. We also believe a company’s social dimension is a key differentiator, and we privilege firms with clear governance, strong employee commitments and clear sustainable growth policies.

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The Strategies We Offer

  • High conviction

  • Thematic investing


  • Large cap

  • Small & mid Cap

  • Funds of Funds

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Our multi-boutique platform leverages specialized boutiques offering liquid alternative strategies that comprise a variety of alternative UCITS funds.

These strategies strive to offer the best of both worlds: on one hand hedge fund-like absolute return streams with modest to low correlation to traditional equity and bond markets; on the other a regulatory framework that imposes strict liquidity, transparency, regulatory oversight and risk management guidelines.

These funds employ non-traditional investment strategies – for example using leverage, derivatives and selling short positions – in order to harness returns uncorrelated to traditional asset classes.

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The Strategies We Offer

  • Long/short equity

  • Long/short credit

  • Market-neutral

  • Commodities

  • Fixed-income

  • Event-driven

  • Multi-strategy

  • Quant macro

  • Quantitative Risk Premia Strategy

  • Volatility

  • Fund of Funds

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We believe that diversification shields our investors from market volatility, and our multi-asset offer leverages our skills for seizing opportunities that encompass both traditional and alternative asset classes through a moderate use of leverage and derivatives.

This means our multi-asset strategies are geared to investors interested in protecting their portfolios from the risk exposure inherent to unpredictable market swings, while at the same time stabilizing investment returns. Higher correlation requires rethinking diversification. Among our boutiques, we also gather innovative approaches compared to traditional balanced strategies, in which time and correlation act as ‘true diversifiers’ of portfolios.

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The Strategies We Offer

  • Traditional balanced

  • Absolute return multi-asset

  • Total return multi-asset

  • Fund of Funds

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Our multi-boutique platform provides a wealth of diversity within our investment offering, including Real Assets.

Investors are increasingly interested in this asset class which brings together a range of specialist investments that are not publicly traded. This means they generally have a low correlation to more traditional asset classes – as such we believe they can provide strong portfolio diversification.

Through a combination of moderate volatility and attractive returns, private assets have proven to be resilient to market downturns over the years. The relative illiquidity of this asset class offers a more stable and predictable income than publicly traded assets. They also play a crucial role in generating tangible and positive impact for both the economy and society overall.

Investing involves risk, including possible loss of capital.

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The Strategies We Offer

Strategies are available as

with the Generali Group Companies

Bespoke mandates

*The company full legal name is Generali Real Estate SGR.

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