Our diverse equity capabilities range from cautious, all-sector coverage to thematic strategies and opportunistic megatrends, plus sustainable approaches.

We know that diversifying risk is key to unlocking long term performance and achieving investment goals. That’s why we’re proud of the high conviction expertise of the fund managers that power the broad range of equity strategies across our ecosystem.

Underpinning all our equity funds is disciplined stock-picking that is grounded in deep, fundamental research. Our fund managers don’t just select markets, industries, or sectors, and their research doesn’t stop at annual shareholder meetings.

They aim to select individual, market-beating companies with the potential to generate superior returns over the long-term for our investors, by getting to know businesses from the bricks to the boardroom.

Key Data

As at 31 December 2022


The Strategies

  • High conviction

  • Thematic investing

  • Megatrends

  • All-sector

  • European equity

  • Global equity


  • Large cap

  • Small & mid-cap

  • Liquid alternatives UCITS

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