Aperture European Innovation - Q4 2023 Manager Commentary

In Short

Quarterly comment on the Aperture European Innovation Fund by Anis Lahlou, Aperture Investors.

Aperture European Innovation Fund: Commentary for Q4 2023


Quarter in review


What an exhilarating end to 2023 - AI arrived with a thunderclap through systems like ChatGPT that gave the world a glimpse of our automated future. And this is only the prelude, with even more powerful models set to launch in 2024¹, permeating industries far and wide just like electricity transformed everything over a century ago. We always envisioned launching this fund to capitalise on Europe’s overlooked innovation potential across sectors on the cusp of breakthrough. Now, with transformational platforms going mainstream alongside an enabling ecosystem still being built across the continent, we are thrilled to be at what we consider to be the investment epicentre, seeking to compound big winners for years as AI enhances decision-making and productivity like no prior general-purpose technology. The Coming Waves2 of progress start now!


Download the full commentary below:

Aperture European Innovation Commentary Q4 2023.PDF

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