Private equity and private debt infrastructure targeting sustainability and the energy transition



Clean energy and greenfield specialists, investing in essential new infrastructure that accelerates the transition to net zero.

Sosteneo specialises in private equity energy infrastructure with a dedicated focus on greenfield projects related to the energy transition.

Sosteneo’s pure-play strategy targets essential new infrastructure projects in OECD Europe and Asia Pacific that accelerate the transition to net zero. Sosteneo invests in a wide range of technologies with a focus on infrastructure that produces clean energy, such as solar PV and wind, as well as infrastructure that enables clean energy use, such as battery storage and networks. There is also the potential to explore other investments in clean energy infrastructure on an opportunistic basis through bespoke solutions with partners.

An experienced, global team of specialists that can provide direct access to the market opportunity

The growth of net-zero commitments, the cost competitiveness of renewables, and an increased emphasis on energy independence are all supportive of the energy transition, which the Sosteneo team considers to be fundamentally a greenfield opportunity. This transition represents a major global buildout of infrastructure and substantial investment in new projects that offer the potential for stable, contracted income. The Sosteneo team has decades of experience in managing the unique risks associated with greenfield-stage investing and an established reputation with a network of industrial partners. The team is based in Milan, providing a platform for long-term investing across both Europe and Asia Pacific.

Total commitment


Professionals: 17


Office: Milan


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Source: Sosteneo, data as at Q4 2023 referring to capital invested and committed.



Infrastructure investments with a sustainable mindset, from one of the largest infrastructure teams in Europe.

Infranity focuses on sustainable infrastructure. The investment team is one of the largest infrastructure investment teams in Europe and they combine entrepreneurial spirit with decades of collective experience in the sector. Their deep market knowledge, global reach and extensive network are the key pillars of their distinctive approach.

A direct route to a sustainable environment

The firm believes that infrastructure assets are uniquely positioned to drive the low carbon transition and meet sustainable development goals. Their investments are highly selective, allowing them to stay focused on their principle aims: to contribute to sustainable development while generating attractive and decorrelated returns for investors over the long-term.

Infranity’s strategies focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, accelerating digitalisation notably through the financing of fibre optic networks, and last but not least, social infrastructure in the health and education sectors. Impact investing is rooted in their investment process, and they have a unique, proprietary ESG scoring methodology designed to favour assets that positively contribute to sustainable and inclusive development.


Total commitment 1)

Professionals: 50+

Offices: Paris, London

1) Source: Infranity, data as Q4 2023 referring to capital invested and committed. Infranity has invested ca. €5.8bn since inception across ca. 70 transactions (debt and equity, inc. prepayments).

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